introducing… Hand Dyed with Rust by t r a c y f o x

I really do love creating this cloth with Rust.  The process is slow and time consuming, each piece typically taking at least 2 weeks to make, so I have to be patient which is not one of my strong points!  The commitment is totally worth the effort as the texture & patterning you get is fabulous and truly unique but yet it can still be used in lots of different ways.
Rust Hand Dyed by t r a c y f o x
This is one of the first pieces I created which now belongs to the Lovely Jean (Glamorous Assistant to Patricia at Tilia Fabric).

I have seen gorgeous examples in patchwork, quilting, embroidery, wall hangings and art textiles to name a few. It really does add something different to your work.

I am very pleased to say that I have a special piece of work to show you soon, made using a lovely piece of Hand Dyed with Rust.

I don’t make huge quantities and currently have a small number which will be available to buy at these Events

You can also see more updates about Hand Dyed with Rust here

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

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