On My Wall…still

In a previous post I shared photos of a project that was up on my design wall which you can see here.

I thought at the time ‘ok you have been sat looking at this for ages, changing your mind and moving the pieces around, JUST GET ON WITH IT!’

So I shared the arrangement with the intention of doing just that…but guess what?

I still wasn’t really feeling it so I carried on looking at it for ages and moving the pieces around but I think this is it!On My Wall Still Shibori 1 by t r a c y f o x

The fabric is hand dyed shibori using purple instead of the traditional indigo blue. I tore up the original pieces and have played about with their arrangement. I really like the frayed edges and have been debating with myself how best to keep them visible.

So, I have decided to use temporary spray adhesive to apply the fabric pieces to a cotton background.
On My Wall 505 spray t r a c y f o x

I will then sandwich it up with wadding and a backing.  I have imagined tons of different ways to stitch and quilt it but am going to go back to my original thoughts of simple curvy lines going horizontally across the piece.

I will hopefully get this basted today and if I get a move on may even start the stitching!

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

* If you like what I do, then others might too – thank you for liking and sharing *


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