Sink Happy!

What is she on about now I hear you say, read on and all shall be revealed…

As well as my dyeing and other creative exploits, I am also addicted to gardening and for ages and absolute ages I have wanted an outside sink. And as you may have guessed from the photo, I wanted it to be a reclaimed Belfast Sink.

A couple of weeks ago the dream of having one started to come true as I took proud possession of this Beauty.Belfast Sink before 1 t r a c y f o xYesterday after another marathon day of cleaning and continuing to put our house back together after the building work (14 weeks in and my patience and back are complaining!), I ‘rewarded’ myself by finally getting my hands on it and applying some elbow grease.Belfast Sink before 2 t r a c y f o x
More ‘before’ photos..Belfast Sink before 3 t r a c y f o x Belfast Sink before 4 t r a c y f o x

I have been dying to see how well it would it would scrub up but too many other jobs have been ahead of it in the que.

Ask yourself, how excited can you get by a filthy old Belfast Sink?  Well in my very sad case, quite a lot it would seem as I scraped away layers of paint and scrubbed off the dirt.

I started with the bottom which was pretty filthy but as I started to scrub text began to appear which you couldn’t read before.
Befast Sink bottom text 1 t r a c y f o x Befast Sink bottom text 2 t r a c y f o x

What was most interesting was this. My sink has a birth date ’18 Mar 1985′, which makes it 30 years old, now how exciting is that!
Belfast Sink date t r a c y f o x

And this is how the rest scrubbed up….
Belfast Sink after 1 t r a c y f o x
Belfast Sink after 2 t r a c y f o x
Belfast Sink after 3 t r a c y f o x
Belfast Sink after 4 t r a c y f o x

Miraculously there aren’t any chips or major damage at all apart from wear and tear patterning on the inside which I unsurprising think is lovely.
Belfast Sink after 5 t r a c y f o x

I thought I would also share the reasons why I am so excited about this sink and why I feel it is just a bit special.

One, I have wanted one for ages and it is perfect to be used outside and will make things a lot easier for me.

Two, it was given to me by Our James (Little Brother) which makes it special.  It has lived in the cellar of his pub called The Snipe which he has just had renovated.  He knew I was after one and kept it from going into the skip. He even kept the original legs for it to stand on. Chuffed is not the word!

Three, is a little more tentative but close to my heart just the same.  During my childhood, My Nanna (June) was a landlady of a number of pubs and every weekend I would pack my things up on a Friday and off I would go to stay with her until school came around again on Monday.

During this time she would teach me about all aspects of running the business one of which was doing the ‘cellar work’.  We spent many an hour together in the cellar when the pub was closed learning all sorts of fascinating stuff and there was always a Belfast Sink in there.

So, although it is in reality a hunk of porcelain it has much more meaning for me and I know I will smile about these things when I am using it.

I am now waiting, impatiently I might add, for it to be installed.  I will share some photos of that when it is done.

And so I ask again, how excited can you get by a filthy old Belfast Sink?

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

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