Immobilised by Stuff

It’s official, I have too much stuff.  There I have finally said it!

The consequences of this have become so that I can’t even see some of my stuff let alone reach it which means that it has become a chore just to get materials together and that leads to not creating any work at all.  Mmmmm…

I am determined that My New Room of Requirements doesn’t become the awful mess that my current one has ended up in which is essentially an untidy store room with not an inch of space to actually DO ANY WORK!

I have accepted that I can’t / don’t work in a disorganized space, so what am I doing about it?

Well for starters everything I currently have will not physically fit into the new space and instead of lamenting ‘I need more space’, I am actually approaching this as an opportunity.

So what to do with it all?

Every item will have to earn it’s place in the new space and I will be applying these 3 simple questions to everything.




The first box of stuff I applied this to resulted in this crochet purple creation which I have made for My Neil (Handsome Husband).
2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 1 t r a c y f o x

It is a fairly large blanket so I have had to fold it up a few times to take some photos.
2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 2 t r a c y f o x

I only used one stitch which was a waffle stitch and made the rest up as I went along just trying to get some contrast between the range of ‘purple’ yarns.  It was a bit of a mission at times as there were many different types including linen/silk blend, wool, acrylic, chenille, cotton, alpaca and they were all different thicknesses.

2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 3 t r a c y f o x
I stitched until the ball of yarn I was using ran out then added the next.  I didn’t care where the joins were.
2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 4 t r a c y f o x
2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 5 t r a c y f o x
2015 Sep 18 Purple Blanket 6 t r a c y f o x

It did back fire on me a little because although I had a lot of purple yarn I didn’t have enough for the size I wanted to make so I did have to buy more which leads me to another principle I am now applying.


Well that’s My Plan and I am doing my best to stick to it!

I taught myself to crochet a couple of Christmas’s ago and really love this waffle stitch which I learnt from this youtube tutorial.

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

* If you like what I do, then others might too – thank you for liking and sharing *

4 thoughts on “Immobilised by Stuff

  1. Your purple blanket looks gorgeous and I love the way you worked it – just crocheting until you run out of yarn. That’s the way I tend to work! Thanks for sharing the YouTube tutorial.


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