The List Revisited

Do you remember the ‘What You Can Do With Hand Dyed’ List?
2015 Oct 12 What You Could Do With Hand Dyed List t r a c y f o x
I have already used some of the technique’s and created a few of the projects suggested and you may have seen these displayed on my stand.

You can click on the links above to see more about the cushion and books posted previously.  I will be sharing photos of the last 2 projects in the next posts.

The next project I want to get going with is a quilt made with a ‘Starter’ Colour Bundle.

I have played about with lots of different layouts and have finally made up my mind!

The one I have decided on is sitting on my design wall at the moment and I am about to start piecing it together.  I have given lots of consideration to the quilting too and think I have even decided on that (probably).

I will be posting it’s progress over the next week so I hope you will join me again soon.

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

* If you like what I do, then others might too – thank you for liking and sharing *

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