Reaping What You Sow

We have spent most of the day in the garden today, completing long awaited jobs, moving this, replanting that and planning more!

I miss my garden A LOT over the colder months and am always itching to get out there.

There is a lot in the garden that I planted because they will find their way into a creative project.

I use the leaves from the acer for eco printing which give a lovely delicate effect and I shall be experimenting again this year with different mordants on different types of cloth. They may also be used to print with.
2016 Apr 10 Reaping What You Sow acer t r a c y f o x
They are only just appearing and I am already looking forward to using them but I do have some of the seed heads from last year in the freezer to be going on with! No idea how that will turn out but I’ll give it a go.

2016 Apr 10 Reaping What You Sow bamboo t r a c y f o x
I plan to use some of the leaves from my bamboo as a resist on my silk screen and to print with them.  This grows fast so there is always plenty to harvest.

I also have a sambucus nigra which gives good eco prints. It was in a big pot but I have now put it in the ground as I don’t think it was very happy so we’ll see how it goes.  It doesn’t have much growth on it at the moment so not much to show.

My tree ferns will be due a hair cut soon to allow room for the new fronds and I can’t wait to experiment with sun printing using these which I have been wanting to try for absolutely ages.
2016 Apr 10 Reaping What You Sow tree fern t r a c y f o x
I haven’t done this before and they are massive so more thought needs to go into how I shall do it. Obviously, actually having some sun would be good!

I used the big leaves from my fatsia japonica in a free motion quilted piece a good while ago which I will share soon. I love the shape and scale of these leaves.
2016 Apr 10 Reaping What You Sow fatsia  t r a c y f o x

Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine today.

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

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