Whitworth Art Gallery

January is not the best month to have a birthday but when the weather is terrible it does give you the perfect excuse for a visit to one of my favourite places which is the Whitworth 

I hadn’t checked to see what was being exhibited so was very excited to see these quilted items on display as part of the ‘Beyond Borders’ exhibition which ‘explores South Asian textiles bringing together four artists working on issues around post-colonial identity, ruptured spaces, authenticity, displacement and belonging.’

I absolutely love this coat.
The information displayed with it was ‘Banyan 1760 – 1770 Cotton, hand painted and quilted. Mans garment worn indoors. Hand woven in India.’

To my surprise there were a couple of more recent quilts.

This is the Panchamahabhuta quilt (2014) and relates to a community-based organisation – Thotpot – in Mumbai, India who have revived the traditional quilt-making art known as Godhri or Godhari.

This one is by Risham Syed 2014

I loved the story behind it.

This piece ‘Seven Billion and One’ (2015) is a huge piece covering an entire wall and I really like it.

In total there are 108 screenprints on blackboard paint on newsprint although just 96 are on display.

Although I have seen it before, I couldn’t resist another look at the work of Barbara Brown.

I even love the staircase and this fabulous iron work, do you think I might have a problem? On second thoughts, don’t answer that!

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

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