Ruth Singer’s Criminal Quilt Collaboration

I feel lucky to have my square included in the criminal quilt collaboration project with Ruth Singer at The Festival of Quilts this year.2018 FoQs Ruth Singer Collaborative Quilt tracy fox

The techy geek in me enjoyed playing with the data provided in the Excel spreadsheet and I found it hard to decide what to base my square on from the number of ideas that I had.

I finally choose the ages of the women.

I created a background using my handwriting repeating the words youngest, average, oldest and then printed the numbers 12, 28, 60. And yes the youngest was just 12 years old.

My square is the last one on the 2nd row.

I still have a picture in my head of a piece of work I would like to make and spoke to Ruth at FoQ’s to check it would be ok. I am chuffed to say she said yes so I had better get on with it!

2018 Criminal Quilts Ruth Singer FoQs tracy fox 2018 Criminal Quilts Ruth Singer FoQs tracy fox

You can read more about the project on Ruth’s website

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

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