NWCQ Map Symbols Exhibition

Photos from North West Contemporary Quilt ‘Map Symbols’ Exhibition shown at the Creative Craft Show, Event City, Manchester.

01 CQNW Starting with Map Symbols Ruth Axon work tracy fox
Artist: Ruth Axson

02 CQNW Map Symbols Artists tracy fox

03 CQNW Map Symbols The Symbols tracy fox 04 CQNW Map Symbols the Workshop tracy fox 05 CQNW Map Symbols The Inspiration 2 3 tracy fox
Artists: Julie Bunter (top)  Georgina Newson (bottom)

06 CQNW Map Symbols The Work 4 5 6 7 tracy fox
Artists: Liesbeth Williams (top left)  Elizabeth Vidler (top right)  Mady Hague (bottom left)  Maggie Pearson (bottom right)

07 CQNW Map Symbols The Work 8 9 10 11 12 13 tracy fox
Artists: Pauline Pitt (top left)  Jane Pattison (middle left)  Judith Davy (bottom left)  Ruth Gallagher (top right)  Pat Boulton (middle right)  Pat McBride (bottom right)

08 CQNW Map Symbols The Work 14 15 16 17 18 tracy fox
Artists: Hilary Martin (top left)  Millie Thomas (bottom left)  Jenny Anderson (middle)  Irene Paddock (top right)  Jean Myers (bottom right)

09 CQNW Map Symbols The Work 19 20 21 22 tracy fox
Artists: Mary Low (top left)  Judy Fairless (bottom left)  Kitty Watt (top right)  Mary Munday (bottom right)

10 CQNW Map Symbols The Work 23 24 25 26 27 tracy fox
Artists: Janet Edgington (top left)  Kristina Hughes (bottom left)  Pauline Stubbings (top right)  Linda Bilsborrow (middle right)  Karen Hurrell (bottom right)

11 CQNW Map Symbols Contemporary Quilt Banner tracy fox 12 CQNW Map Symbols the stand tracy fox

Well done everyone!

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

t r a c y

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