Hand Dyed with Rust

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I really do love creating this cloth.  The process is slow and time consuming, each piece typically taking at least 2 weeks to make but the commitment is totally worth the effort as the texture & patterning you get is fabulous and truly unique but yet it can still be used in lots of different ways.

  • Patchwork, quilting, embroidery, craft projects and art textiles adding something different to your work
  • Great background for further surface design eg monoprinting, stamping, foiling or fussy cut your favourite sections and applique them into another project
  • Each piece is individually created by me and is therefore unique – various sizes available

Why not use it in your projects? It looks beautiful with indigo blue!tracyfox Rust dyed fabric

Work made using ‘Hand Dyed with Rust’
made using Hand Dyed with Rust by Sue Warburton

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