Frame It


Another project from the ‘What You Can Do With Hand Dyed’ List.

Framing is a great way to display hand dyed fabric that you can’t bear to cut into which is what I did with this piece which I hang on my stand.
2015 Oct 12 Frame It t r a c y f o x

I just loved this fabric so I used the mount board card that came as part of the frame, hovering it over the fabric until I found the ideal section I wanted to display.  I then used it to cut the exact size to fit the frame.

Here is a close up of the visual texture in this piece.
2015 Oct 12 Frame It Close Up t r a c y f o x

This is my latest frame that I am going to put fabric into.
2015 Oct 12 Frame It next project t r a c y f o x

Everything is still very white at the moment in My New Room of Requirements so I bought this (yep from the trusty Ikea) to help inject a bit of colour. I am determined to have nice things on the walls this time instead of floor to ceiling shelving bulging with stuff like I have in my old room.

There are lots of things you could do with this type of frame eg use the same piece of fabric and cut it up to put a section in each part or frame lots of different fabrics.

Mmmmm, food for thought, I shall let you know what I decide!

I’m sure you have some ‘sacred’ fabric that you admire from time to time and then put back on the shelf. This is such a quick and easy project to put together, why not have a go and share what you create?

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

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