Quiltfest 2016


The next event I will be at is Quiltfest in Llangollen on Sunday 14th February and I am very much looking forward to it.2016 14 Feb Quiltfest

Although Traders Day is just the one day where you can buy all sorts of wonderful things, this event is much more than that.  It is a great opportunity to see fabulous work across 2 venues over a number of weeks.

Full details of the event can be found here at www.quiltfest.org.uk but here is a taster to tempt you!

The Nineties Collection and More
Exhibition of quilts commissioned from  Quilters’ Guild Members working during the nineteen nineties
Royal International Pavilion, Abbey Road, Llangollen LL20 8SW
10th – 21st February 2016

Wrexham Quilting Circle Showcase
Museum and Art Gallery, Parade Street, Llangollen LL20 8PW
2nd February – 1st March 2016

There are opportunities to MEET THE MAKERS, dates are on the website which also has lots of information and photos from past exhibitions so is well worth a nosey.

Hope to see you there.

Thank you for stopping by, it is much appreciated…

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